Baby Overwhelm


One of the things you learn when you become new parents is that there’s just so much you need to know about raising your bundle of joy! First you’ve got nursing and bottle feedings. Then there’s swaddling—what it is and then, should I swaddle? Schedule or no schedule for your baby? Of course there’s also how to handle teething, sickness and grow spurts. Don’t forget the cherry on top—SLEEP!ache-19005_1920

Parents are often left to wonder many things on what to do about their new baby’s sleeping. How do I encourage healthy sleep habits? Do healthy sleep habits just develop on their own? Is allowing some crying okay or is it a firm none at all? Am I ruining my child if we co-sleep, or am I ruining them if we don’t? So many questions! What’s even worse? There’s a lot more answers, and they’re all different…

It can be quite frustrating when you—as a new parent—have questions and need answers, and all you get are dozens of conflicting opinions. Everyone’s got one! Each one’s different. This can easily lead to BABY OVERWHELM.

You know when you’re immobilized with fear. Fear that anything you do for your child might be the “wrong thing” to do. It’s a terrible feeling!

If your child has sleep issues, you have sleep issues too. Many parents get irritable, and have low energy at night. Not surprising since you’re probably tired from having to get up in the middle of the night so much. It’s also easy to get depressed or anxious about it, worrying why your child won’t sleep and what to do. It’s no wonder that parents get baby overwhelm. We all just want what’s best for our babies!

When it comes to sleep advice – woozers!!! There’s no shortage of advice out there, that’s for sure. I bet you’ve noticed! Grandma tells stories of co-sleeping with your mom. Your mom tells you all the things she did to train you. Then the in-laws chime in with how your husband got trained. The list goes on and on—and that’s just advice from your family! Friends with kids, they’ve always got something to say. Acquaintances at baby groups too. There are countless sleep books on the market, and of course the mighty internet!

When it comes to all of the questions about your child’s sleep habits—and the piles of answers to choose from—you shouldn’t have to stress about it but I know that’s easier said than done.

Will others judge you or criticize your decision to seek help? Maybe. Does it matter? Nope. I don’t like hearing about people who feel they need to hide “in the closet” over their choice to sleep train their child. Do what feels right for you, as only you can decide what’s best for your baby. It’s your baby after all.

If you’re ready to change any sleep habits in your baby, remember the choice is yours—not your friends and family. The nice part is, once you’re ready to make some changes, I’ll be here to help you out! You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help you make a transition from chronic sleep deprivation to a renewed sense of being. As a parent with baby overwhelm, doesn’t that sound blissful?

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