Feeding to Sleep?


ID-100172067Breastfeeding is awesome, Sleep Sense promotes breastfeeding 100 percent!  The controversial part is when to feed your baby.  I suggest to my clients that they should feed AFTER naps, not before. For a lot of babies and toddlers, the single biggest reason they don’t sleep well has to do with a feeding-sleeping association. In other words, your child has “linked” the ideas of feeding and sleeping. They think that they need a bottle or nursing BEFORE they can fall  asleep. By feeding right after naptime, instead of before, you can help your child break this feeding-sleep association. So, go ahead feed your baby until your heart is content, just do it after they sleep!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This strategy should only be used before naps, not before putting your child to bed for the night. A full tummy is needed to make sure your child doesn’t wake up hungry during the night!

Sleep Well!




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