Here’s how you can make the transition to Spring Forward (clocks move forward) much easier:

For Toddlers and Young Children:  On Sunday night your child may be falling asleep at their regular body time of 7pm (new time will be 8pm).  Put them to sleep 7:30 (new time) for three days, then on the fourth night switch them to their regular bedtime of 7:00pm (new time).  Keep in mind they will be going to bed ½ hour earlier.

For Babies:  As I stated, for babies that go to sleep really early, you don’t need to do a thing.  Their 6pm bedtime will now become a 7pm bedtime –likely better for everyone.  But if your baby has a 7pm bedtime already, I would suggest shifting his/her naptimes and bedtime earlier 15 minutes EVERY day and night until you reach his/her regular naptimes and bedtime.

Here’s to Sleeping Well!



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