Sleep Training Tips

When I get a call from a parent, one of the first questions they ask me is “what does baby sleep training involve?”

It’s important to know that when we change a baby’s sleep habits, there will be “protest” by the baby as he/she is not going to be happy with the new change.

Another important point is that during baby sleep training parents are not asked to leave their child’s side.

Where do you start?

In order to prepare for training (or coaching as I like to say), here are my top 3 baby sleep training tips for parents (for babies 3 months or older):

  1. prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for protest
  2. have your partner available to you, so start when it’s convenient for the both of you – and both should be on board with the new sleep plan
  3. start when you can commit to several weeks of being at home (without travel) in order to be consistent.

My program also involves infant sleep solutions for infants 0-12 weeks. My infant sleep training tips include establishing healthy sleep habits from the get go so there is no protest later on –YEAH!

But wait, there’s more

Here are my top 3 infant sleep training tips for parents:

  1. Recognize your infant’s sleep signs. A newborn may only be awake 45 minutes before they need their next nap (which includes feeding time).
  2. Put your infant to sleep awake in his/her crib for the majority of sleep periods.
  3. Establish a sleep routine right away.

As a child sleep consultant, I want you to be successful with all these training tips and thus it’s important we work closely throughout the training process.  Here’s to sleeping well!

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