Why hire a baby or child sleep consultant?

Of course you can get your child sleeping through the night on your own. There is tons of information on sleep solutions for infants everywhere! The internet, in the bookstores, and of course your own family and friends have their opinions and methods as well. However, the value in hiring an baby sleep consultant is ten-fold, I know I have been there!

I remember being in your position – reading, researching, wondering, panicking – then confusion sets in!

What way is the correct way?

Information on sleep solutions for babies found on the web and in books is contradicting– one says cry it out, the other says not to or your baby will be damaged for life! Yikes!

As a baby and child sleep consultant, I’m here to HELP! I will use my sleep solutions for babies to figure it all out, taking the guess work out of this for you.

You won’t be disappointed in hiring an infant sleep consultant for those wee ones or a baby or child sleep consultant for those older one.  You won’t have to second guess yourself any longer – what a reward in itself – Whew!

Here’s what you get by working with a child sleep consultant:

  1. A sleep consultation in your home, on the phone or via Skype
  2. A customized sleep plan – specific to your parenting philosophy and your family’s needs and depending on the age of your baby or child.
  3. Implementation of the plan and working together to tweak/fine tune as we go along
  4. Follow up support and cheerleading all the way until you are DONE

In my opinion, why wouldn’t you hire a child sleep consultant – Sleep is So Worth it!

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